Anil & Bindu Narang | Mistakes Not To Make/Investment Mindset At Every Level | HINDI | VIDEO

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Anil & Bindu Narang (Civil Engineer & Homemaker) Leadership Special-. Mistakes Not To Make (3 Cardinal Rules)/ Investment Mindset At Every Level Bindu begins this talk by urging us to make the decision. She then talks about the importance of delayed gratification and urges us to create a sense of urgency. Anil talks on the importance of having a burning desire and urges us to adhere to BWW teachings. His message is, "Be humble." Bindu Narang begins by giving the belief that what the mind conceives and believes in, it can achieve. She adds that they went ahead and built this business without making any compromise. She further urges us to see the money spent on tools as an investment because they give returns in the end. Anil talks about the Eagle Program and the need to take product training. He further shares how to build leaders and signs off ''Look for leaders and not followers."


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